We hope you will encourage preceptors in your courses to try Palaver!

Supporting this study of in-person student-discussions could dramatically improve how students experience your course.

Preceptors can introduce Palaver to students in their first precept or by sending an email before the meeting. Preceptors may wish to adapt the email template on this page.

If you have any questions about using Palaver in your precepts or seminar sessions, please contact us.

Preceptors and TAs: To study and improve the quality of classroom discussions, we are inviting students in this course to use a web-app called “Palaver” in classroom discussions. Palaver is designed to make it easier for preceptors (TAs) to moderate discussions. Using the app, students indicate how strongly they wish to contribute to the discussion at any given moment, and the kind of contribution they wish to make. Palaver continuously monitors this information from all students and uses it to calculate an efficient and unbiased speaker queue. 
We encourage you to try Palaver. By using the app with your students, you will enable us to study how classroom discussions work. These findings promise to improve the quality of group discussions for all students. Visit http://palaverbeta.com to learn about improving the quality of your precept discussions with Palaver!

To get started, use a Google account or your Princeton credentials to sign in at <URL> and then request to be upgraded to a moderator using the form below. Find out more about why you should try Palaver here!

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