Signing up

Head over to [SignUpURL]. You will be able to log into Palaver using your Princeton credentials. Your preceptor will give you a precept code. Save this code and use it when you log into Palaver in precept.

When you create an account on Palaver you will be asked to complete a 2-3 minute pre-study questionnaire. Your responses to this survey and your normal use of Palaver will allow researchers to study how to help people have better discussions.

How to use Palaver!

Login and enter the precept code provided by your preceptor. When you join a discussion, you will see the student-facing discussion interface.

To contribute to the discussion, drag the urgency slider to indicate how strongly you want to speak. When the slider is set to not at all, you will not be entered into the queue. The urgency slider should usually be set to '3' when you wish to contribute. (Check out the FAQs to find out about how Palaver reacts to students who rate too many contributions as very high or very low urgency.)

Leave the toggle set to follow-up when you want to comment on something that has recently been discussed; only switch to a new idea when you have an idea that would take the discussion down a new path. Moderators can flag participants who use follow-ups to make comments, so make sure your comments really do respond to a point that someone else has recently made. If you get too many flags, Palaver will disable your comment/new-idea toggle.

If you ever get stuck, contact us.

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